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ARTSEEURBAN Public Art Competition Call for Proposals

Artists working in Waterloo Region are invited to submit a proposal for a one-stage competition to design a road-way mural on Eby Street (between King Street East and Duke Street) in Downtown Kitchener. All projects must, in some way, reflect the themes and community characteristics identified in this document.


The Downtown Kitchener BIA art program will install site specific work throughout the Downtown Kitchener core. Public art is usually created in conjunction with major construction of new facilities such as libraries, community centres, fire station, parking garages and other City-owned infrastructure like road-ways to which the public has access.


The selected artist design will be produced as 1 large road-way mural on Eby Street (between King Street East and Duke Street).


An artist stipend of $2,500 will be paid to successful applicants.

Site and Project Considerations:

Artists wishing to familiarize themselves with the Downtown location are encouraged to spend time and acquaint themselves with the community. Artists should consider visibility from distance as a guideline in their design/artwork. The design/artwork should be relatively simple and not cause driver confusion. Small details will be lost and are not recommended. Bold, simple designs will have more impact. With this in mind, numbers, words, traffic symbols, logos or advertising will not be permitted in the final design. The chosen design/artwork is best submitted as (or will be converted to) a digital file, formatted as a high-resolution AI File, 300 DPI, at one-third scale.


Downtown Kitchener (aka DTK) is in the midst of a tremendous transformation. The arrival of the ION transit line will accelerate change: more people, more density, new shops, new buildings, new collaborations and creations. Today is a critical moment in time because we have a chance to shape the change to come. We can shape it to match our collective values and desires. We can make sure we’re all proud of those changes and involved in realizing them.

The thoughts, ideas and answers of nearly 1,500 community builders and stakeholders were collected, synthesized and grouped. What emerged was a clear set of core values – qualities that people appreciate about Downtown and want to see preserved – and three key themes that suggest the way to improve on what already makes DTK compelling. We’ve translated these findings into an outline of new strategic priorities. 

Core Values:

Local and Unique: Downtownees appreciate the shops and restaurants that operate independently. They like finding products and food that are local, the nurturing of personal relationships with business owners, and having a truly “made-in-Kitchener” experience.

Diverse & Inclusive:

DTK should not only be a place for everyone, it should have a little something for everyone too. Diversity in shopping, restaurants and events will keep the Downtown experience interesting and exciting, but it must be welcoming to the community’s many cultures.


A tightly-knit, supportive social structure is what defines the Downtown experience. Community connections fuel DTK whether that means bumping into friends on the street, meeting in coffee shops and pubs that feel like home, supporting businesses being more collaborative than competitive, and the facing complex social issues head on and with empathy.

Gritty & Authentic:

Downtown Kitchener isn’t too polished, and it doesn’t try to be something its not. This is a place that feels real: buildings steeped in history, a local population made of many cultures and subcultures, and an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, makers and doers.


Priority #1:

Ignite Downtown as a platform for the next generation of urban shops, restaurants businesses and services.

Priority #2:

Foster and support heartfelt urban experiences.

Priority #3:

Championing a caring and collaborative community.


Deadline for proposals

Wednesday April 25, 2018

Selection of winning proposals

Friday May 4, 2018

Final design files submitted by artist

Monday May 28, 2018



Note: all dates are approximate except for the proposal deadline date.

Selection Jury and Process:

Selection of the successful proposals will be made by a jury representing the professional arts community and selected members of the Downtown community. The jury’s decision is forwarded as a recommendation to the Downtown Kitchener BIA for approval.

Submissions will be assessed for:

  • Responsiveness to sites, relevance, critical integrity, and representation of the community;

  • Demonstrated excellence of past work;

  • Professional qualifications;

  • Ability to provide references on request, from past project sponsors and/or design team members.

Submission Requirements:

Proposals must be submitted online. Submission instructions can be found by visiting

Submission Deadline:

All submissions must be received by Wednesday April 25, 2018 at 5pm EST.


Breanna Crossman, Marketing Manager of the Downtown Kitchener BIA at 519-744-4921 ext. 406 or

Please noteThe Downtown Kitchener BIA reserves the right to terminate the competition at any stage. In such a case, appropriate notification would be made as necessary. Incomplete and/or late submissions will not be considered.



ARTSEEURBAN Submissions Requirements:

About Downtown Kitchener:

The Downtown Kitchener BIA is inviting local artists to submit a proposal for the creation of a public road-way mural to be installed on Eby Street (between King Street East and Duke Street).

The goal of this program is to beautify and create excitement, while supporting local artists and celebrating the community spirt that defines Downtown Kitchener.

“It’s our unwavering sense of community that truly defines Downtown Kitchener. It’s where dreamers, creators and makers find neighbours, collaborators and friends. No matter the size, scale or type of change you what to champion, if it betters our community, people here will help you! And if you simply want to be a part of something, there’s a place for you in DTK”.

What we are looking for:

Expressions of interest to submit an original design for one (1) road-way mural placed in the Downtown core. Designs for the road-way mural program should be original, timeless and modern.

General Information:

  • The Downtown Kitchener BIA ARTSEEURBAN Road-way mural is a partnership of the Downtown Kitchener BIA and the City of Kitchener

  • The goal of the project is to create one (1) road-way mural manufactured from original design/artwork submitted by local artist.

  • Artist to submit one (1) design for the creation of a road-way mural to be installed on Eby Street (between King Street East and Duke Street).

  • The Downtown Kitchener BIA will submit final digital artwork to Hub Surface Systems for manufacturing and installation of the mural. For more information on DecoMark products and general guidelines visit:

  • The competition is a one stage process; the selection jury will select one (1) artist from the submitted REOI’s to prepare final designs.

  • Road-way mural is expected to be 22’ x 50’ in size specific details will be provided to the selected artist.

  • Submission ideas can be created in any format however the chosen artist’s submission must be designed in a way that can be converted to a digital file, and formatted into a high-resolution AI File, 300 DPI, at one-third scale.

  • A written agreement will be entered between Downtown Kitchener BIA and the selected artist.

  • Copywrite of the artwork will remain with the artist. Downtown Kitchener BIA and the City of Kitchener retain the right to use images for promotional purposes. Credit to the artist will be given wherever possible.

  • Design/artwork may not include gradient shading, numbers, words, traffic symbols, logos or advertising will not be permitted in the design/artwork.

  • Design/artwork are one dimensional and can have negative space. Keep in mind how the design/artwork will be viewed from both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

  • Design/artwork should be restricted to five (5) colours (not including negative space).

  • Thirty-three (33) pantone colours are available for use in the design/artwork and can be found online


  • $2,500 will be paid for the approved design/artwork.

  • Payment for the design/artwork will be made upon approval of all parties.


  • Entries must be received by 5pm EST on Wednesday April 25, 2018

Application Process:

  • Portfolio

    • Current resume/CV.

    • 5-10 JPG’s or PDF’s of recent art or design/art work the ARTSEEURBAN project. 

  • Proposal 

    • Artist statement expressing interest in designing an original road-way mural. 

    • A concept drawing, mood-board, rough sketch or some other visual representation of the proposed artwork. Please note that a final version of the art work will be completed by the successful proponent once the project is awarded. 

  • Notes

    • Road-way mural is expected to be 22’ x 50’.

    • Entries must include complete contact information, including name, address, phone, email and website if available.

    • Entries must be submitted by:

    • Please label all supporting documents and files with YOURNAME/NAMEOFARTWORK/YEAR.


For more information, email Breanna or call: 519-741-4921 x 406

Download this information in document-form here.